What We Do


Education for Hope is organized and shall be operated primarily to provide, promote and support professional nursing education for the young people in the country of Uganda.


Provide the opportunity to enrich and enhance lives through healthcare education in a
nursing profession


Recruit and encourage qualified candidates for certified nursing programs in Uganda


Provide monetary assistance and support to young people from the country of Uganda, offering the opportunity to attend certified nursing programs and become professional nurses working in Uganda


Support the growth of health care services by increasing the quantity and quality of trained professional nurses in the Ugandan health care systems

Our Values


Committed to collaborating with certified Nursing programs in Uganda. We welcome
government and non-government institutions, individuals, agencies, and organizations
that share our core values


All receipts and expenditures will be financially recorded


All representatives of Education for Hope are required to follow the by-laws of the organization and Uganda and United States of America regulations governing charitable organizations


All donations and money raised will be used for their intended purposes of the organization and not for personal gain

Our Vision


With the assistance of Prince of Peace Orphan and Widow (POPOW) in Kaberamaido, Uganda we are committed to healthcare education. The vision for Education for Hope is to increase the population of young people furthering their education in the field of nursing. The fundamental result is to improve the healthcare system in the country of Uganda and provide the opportunity to enrich and enhance lives through healthcare education in a nursing profession.


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