Our Story


Our journey began in April 2017, our first trip to Kaberamaido, Uganda for a service project. We were introduced to a district of 230,000 persons, where 80% of the population lives below the poverty line. 

During our week, we meet two remarkable young women who had decided to break away from the traditional expected life style of a 15-18-year-old girl in Kaberamaido.They dreamt of becoming professional nurses.

The difficulties confronting these children are social-economic and cultural driven. Most children receive a limited schooling because their parents cannot afford to pay for secondary education. Unfortunately, these young girls enter in to early age marriages, and are unable to complete a proper education.

Rebecca and Hope are special young women, who were hoping to change their lives. We are thankful that we met, these 2 girls and the entire community of Kaberamaido have changed our lives. Their dreams have influenced us to care and make a change in not only their lives, but now the lives of many young people interested in the nursing profession. Education for Hope

We Care to make a Change.

Acheng Carol and Opwonyo Jon

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