Health Statistics

Access to Health

HEALTH SERVICES in Kaberamaido

There is no Government dispensary, 7 health centres at the county level, 1 health centre at sub-county level. There are 2 private/NGO dispensaries, 1 clinic and no health centre.

Access to a Health Facility

12.% of the population in Kaberamaido are within 5 km or more to the nearest health facility, whether public or private.

The number of health personnel in Uganda is 1.49 per 1,000 population, critically below the WHO recommended a minimum of 2.3 per 1,000 population:

Health Worker H/W:            Population ratio            Density per 1,000 population

Nurses                                       1: 3,540                           0.28 / 1,000

Midwives                                   1: 7,009                           0.14 / 1,000

Resource: Annual Health Sector Performance Report 2010/11 – National Population and Housing Census 2014 Area Specific Profiles – Kaberamaido District

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