About Us

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Why Education for Hope?

Education for Hope is a 501( c) 3 tax-exempt nonprofit organization and operates exclusively for charitable and educational purposes. Our focus as Education for Hope is to assist, promote and support the education of young people in the district of Kaberamaido, Uganda. The goal of Education for Hope is to increase the awareness of healthcare education and its’ importance to change a community.

“Education is for improving the lives of others and for leaving your community and
world better than you found it.”

– Marian Wright Edelman


With the assistance of Prince of Peace Orphan and Widow (POPOW) in Kaberamaido, Uganda we are committed to healthcare education. The vision for Education for Hope is to increase the population of young people furthering their education in the field of nursing. The fundamental result is to improve the healthcare system in the country of Uganda and provide the opportunity to enrich and enhance lives through healthcare education in a nursing profession.


The mission of Education for Hope is to enhance the lives of young people in Uganda through healthcare education, primarily in the profession of nursing. Offering each student an opportunity to develop professional skills that will ensure their economic self-sufficiency and personal well-being.

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